The BackBikers

We are two adventurers from Germany, who met while playing volleyball in Vienna. Soon it was clear that we both have a weakness for crazy ideas. This weakness led to our first two trips: Hiking two weeks along the Polish/Czech border in February 2015 (with cross-country-skis attached to our backpacks), and a one-month-tour through Denmark in summer 2015. During the latter, Ryan cycled with his roadbike, while Miri rode her Vespa and carried all the equipment. During those six weeks combined, it became clear that being attached to each other 24/7 on very little space wasn't a problem at all, quite the contrary, our teamwork proved to be great.


Talking about crazy ideas: Ryan had the plan to cycle around the world since 2014, and thanks to his stories from previous journeys, Miri decided to give bicycle touring a try. The first common bike tour started in July 2016. The main goals were clear: experience Eastern Europe, and check if a complete circumnavigation together on bikes were viable. And in the end it was clear, that it wasn't only viable, but a pretty nice idea...


This is the place if you want to learn more about each of us. Simply click on one of our smiling faces in the selfie above.