So this is Miris page...

(written by Ryan)

Where to start? . . .

Miri is the kind of person, I would accept a long-distance-relationship for. Wait...actually this was our reality for two years. But what does this mean in detail? Miri is really clever, without losing her sense for humor, she is one of the few girls I know who has a do-it-yourself-mentality when it comes to technical stuff AND a good taste in clothes, loves to do sports but also to relax at home. A perfect combination, refined by the fact that she would choose adventure over shopping anytime.

Some (probably not so) hard facts:

  • Yes, that is a massive layer of sunscreen on Miris arms in this picture
  • She was born on 12.01.1993 in Bavari...sorry, Franconia.
  • She just finished her Bachelor in psychology
  • Give her a complete random set of ingredients (and ONE pan, not more), the food she cooks will still taste awesome.
  • Miri could be a exceptional actress, since she has a more intense facial expression than Jack Nicholson.
  • You want to see how sultry she can be? Wait till the printer isn't working...

So to sum things up. . . I'm glad we both went to the same volleyball court in 2014  ;)