So this is Ryans page...

(written by Miri)

  What can I say? . . .

Ryan is a true cyclist. I mean absolutely real wholeheartedly TRUE cyclist. He refuses to buy a ticket for public transport and rides everything on his bicycle, no matter how cold or wet its outside. He was part of the absolutely crazy randonneuring scene of Austria, which means, 600km non-stop with 14000m altitude are no problem, my legs ache when I only think about it. He also took part in the Paris-Brest-Paris-Brevet in 2015 and it took him only 71h 47min to ride the 1230km.

 Some hard facts:
  • He was born on the 21st of August in 1992 in the beautiful german city Dresden.
  • He is 188 cm tall and weighs about 72 kg.
  • He finished his Master in psychology in August 2017.
  • Ryan has the most infectious smile I have ever seen.
  • He is naturally always in a good mood.
  • And he is the most patient person. I can't believe how calm he stayed when I was creeping along the road because I couldnt go any faster :')
So to sum things up. . . He is awesome!