Around the world

Welcome to the heart of our blog: our diary. Started on the 10. September 2017, we set out east to circumnavigate the world on our two trusty companions "Eselchen" and "Kalle".

On the right you will see our already cycled route, as well as our currently planned destinations. But as usual for this kind of travelling, these destinations might change any moment

We will update this site as often as possible, to keep you up to date. Enjoy!

Our cycled route

Our list of countries *click me*

Germany > Czech Republic > Austria > Slovenia > Croatia > Bosnia and Herzegovina > Montenegro > Albania > Macedonia > Greece > Turkey > United Arab Emirates > Oman > Iran > Armenia > Georgia > Azerbaijan > Kasachstan > Uzbekistan > Kyrgyzstan > Tajikistan > China > Laos > Vietnam > Cambodia > Thailand > Malaysia > New Zealand > Chile > Peru > (to be honest we have no final plans about Latin America yet) > Portugal > Spain > France > Germany

Chapter I: Our Intro - Dresden to Salzburg
Chapter II: Salzburg to Rijeka
Chapter III: Rijeka to Albania
Chapter IV: Albania
Chapter V: Macedonia and Greece
Chapter VI: Turkey
Chapter VII: Emirates and Oman