Welcome to our website!

Here is where we will try to give you some directions and answer some of the FAQ's.    

What is this site all about?
This is a website about bicycle touring. Mainly about our circumnavigation of the world started September 2017. Here we log everything about our journey and catalogue our equipment.
Who are you?
We are Ryan and Miri, setting out to cycle around the world. Find our profiles here.
You are from Germany, but the site is in English...?
In order to reach as many people as possible, writing in English is the easiest way. Even if you have to rely on an online translator, English text is a better source than German, which sometimes will become incomprehensible.
I guess this is also the place to apologize for any mistakes you might find
Why "BackBikers"?
Firstly we decided to take our obligatory backpacking gap year on a bike.
Secondly our route is planned from Dresden (Ryans hometown) to Madenhausen (Miris hometown). The linear distance between those is about 265 km, but we decided to take the circumnavigation, thereby still always going back home.
Thirdly we really, really like puns.
Why this website?
Of course, there is no need to make a website, in order to go out and experience some adventures. But we are aware, that cycling around such a long time without any big responsibilities is a very privileged thing to do, even in our rich western society. Through this site we want to share our experiences to make them accessible to everybody.
Also, we hope to help with all our information other (future) travellers, who want to join the club of bike tourists .
How often will you update the website?
As often as we have time and internet. So come over from time to time, or follow us on Facebook, we will post about important updates there.
Is there anything I should pay attention for?
We hope, that the website itself is easy enough to be used intuitively. If you are reading our diary, you will find small buttons on the top left of every text. There you can switch between Ryans and Miris point of view, and also look at some basic cycling stats.
How may I get in touch with you?
Send us a message on Facebook or an E-Mail to: letters@backbikers.com.
Anything else?
Definitely: enjoy your stay!